Episode Choose Your Story- Gamers Query Book

One of the most deep things that every gamer want to do is mange and create the story and Episode choose your story creators have come up with this unique feature. Initially, the gamers have to create a character and this is all about the innovative imagination of the user. However, building the avatar takes too much time and to enhance this process, players need gems to boost it. On the flip side, earning gems is not an easy take because to attain gems, gamers need passes first and this is the most intimidating task. Along with this, there are many others problems gamers facing in the game and through this, they can overcome all of them instantly.

Having Problem in Deciding Story Content

Many players are facing this problem and unable to understand what are the reasons that stopping their stories from publishing. According to the creators of episode choose your story game, there are few objectionable things are listed below in order to create stories without any complications.
• Excessive violence as well as assault towards the human or animals are not allowed.
• Stories are not allowed which promotes suicide, self-harm, abuse or bullying others.
• Things that are polluting gamers mind such as adult material, nudity, pornographic content as well as any illicit drug or alcohol abuse.
• Phrases or dialogues with the sexual content are objectionable.
In addition to this, during the submission of the story or while creating, make sure to not involve these sorts of content. The story will be removed if users did not follow the guidelines. However, if gamer still confuse in managing the story content, then send it to them in order to analyze the content.
How To Share The Story Online
Gamers can share their stories through the given link at the bottom of the story script page. That’s the link available to share to the people on social media, email or any other desired app or social media.
Can I Publish Without Finishing It
Well, it depends on the amount of the episodes that user have created. According to the game guidelines, gamers have to create minimum 3 episodes in order to publish it without completing the whole story and afterwards they can add more episodes to the story accordingly.
On the whole, the game is full of exciting features and a best game to enjoy in the spare time.